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Bully chin

Bully chin

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Anco Bully Chins are a perfect tasty way to add some essential protein and vitamins into your dog's diet. They are a great snack size to be enjoyed in between meals, or just when you feel like they deserve a tasty treat! With such a high protein content, it's a great way to include that into their diet and you can feel totally guilt free as it's such low fat too! While also being naturally rich in Iron, Zinc, Selenium and B Vitamins. Anco Bully Chins have a satisfying crispy/chewy texture so even though they're not overly long lasting/durable, the texture and it's natural enticing scent is still more than enough to please your dog and their natural chewing instincts.

Key advantages 

  • High in protein.
  • Low in fat.
  • Rich in iron, zinc, selenium and b vitamins. 
  • Grain and gluten free. 
  • No Gmo, dairy or sugar. 
  • Suitable for dogs over 8 weeks. 

Composition - 100% Beef. 

Analytical Constituents - Ash 5%, fat 7% and protein 76%

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